Customer Service

WildSide prides itself on being able to duplicate exactly what our customers' want. Our units are hand built to the specs and satisfaction of our clients.

From a service level, at WildSide, you'll find that every department is extremely accessible throughout the production process. Customers can communicate with anyone at any time. Making our customers feel a part of the process ensures we're building to their standards and ours.

Case Histories / Testimonials from Customers:
"Our race team depends on a well built, dependable and nice-looking truck conversion and trailer to get us up and down the highway to the races, and WildSide meets everything I am looking for in a transporter. I can't see our team using anything but a WildSide truck and trailer. The units are built better and look better than any other units on the market today. It's a great feeling to go to the track and have a good finish or a win, but it's also a good feeling to pull in the pits with a WildSide unit and see everyone pointing at the hauler and saying it's the sharpest they've ever seen. I just want to say thanks to all the people at WildSide for building us a great hauler."

Tim Logan
Tim Logan Racing

Wild Side LLC: High Side of Class, Superior Side of Quality
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