At WildSide, our construction process is unique because we take the time to hand build our trailers from scratch with extreme attention to quality, detail and precision. We use the strongest raw materials to ensure our products will withstand many miles and years of rugged use. There are as many floor plans and options available as customers' have imaginations. Each unit we build is as unique as its owner.

The major construction components that make a WildSide trailer or conversion unique are:

Hand Built
A WildSide unit is hand built from scratch with extreme precision and accuracy

Quality Materials
We use close-sectioned tubing in our steel frames

Only the strongest, straightest steel studs are used in our frames

All of our steel is made in the USA and certified to meet grade specifications

Precision Welding
All of our frames are MIG-welded

Strength and Precision in Frames

We provide cross bracing throughout our frames for increased support and strength - there is no flex in our frames

Laser leveling is used to ensure our units are straight and true

Smooth Finish, Inside and Out
We use smooth aluminum siding inside and out for all of our units - no exposed rivets or fasteners

Safety and Strength
We build one of the strongest hydraulic liftgates on the market today - all rear door lifts are double-chained for increased safety

Wild Side LLC: High Side of Class, Superior Side of Quality
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